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Thread: Paper Shredders

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    Paper Shredders

    I've been tasked with replacing our burned out Paper Shredder.
    Even Wal*Mart brands are expensive, research is in order.
    Googling for hours and don't really see a difference.

    What do ya'll suggest?
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    Capacity makes a huge difference. Is this for random home shredding, or bulk work shredding? Do you need cross-cut or something better?

    For home, I bought one from Target years ago for like $30 or $40, Regal brand perhaps? that is so good it partially shredded a penny that I didn't realize had fallen into an envelope. I routinely stick full envelopes full of crap into it (including those ones with fake cardboard credit cards) and it never has a problem. However, like all home models, the basket part fills up way too quick. I highly recommend it...but I don't know the specific model, or if it is still made. If no one has a better suggestion and I remember, I'll look when I'm at home.

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    i burn out home shredders once every 2 years, recently i started to take a piece of paper, drip 1tsp of olive oil on it and send it through the shredder, so far this shredder from newegg (i think it's a fucking rosewill) has lasted 4 years.

    i just get whatever 50$ monstrosity is on sale for 20bucks at either staples/office max etc. as long as it can shred 1 envelope full of spam and cross-cuts, it fits the bill.

    usually if it says credit card/ cd shredder, it's pretty powerful. the gears are all plastic btw, that's why they burn out, they just melt over time, ha. (i'm sure the office type shredders are all metal, but who wants to pay 180$ for that)

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