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Thread: Video Encoding: Noob Questions

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    Video Encoding: Noob Questions

    I am using CamStudio 2, (CS2) to grab my desktop screen every second using Xvid MPEG-4 Codec, and setting playback @ 60fps so 1 minute is roughly 1hour of capture. The exact ratio varies of course, based on the actual recording frame rate, which can be a little more or less than 1 frame a second at times.

    I am also using Expression Encoder 4 SP1, (EE4) to combine multiple files and compress them a bit for upload.

    However, I don't know what changed or why but a system that was working rather well lately suddenly stopped working, because the CS2 sources suddenly started reporting their 'source frame rate' to EE4 and it doesn't like encoding 2560x1440 @ 60p.

    I have had to set EE4's output frame rate @ 30p to get it to encode like it was. I assume this is just explicitly doing what was automatically happening before. However, I am now curious as to what I am/was losing in the process.

    The duration of the videos are not changing, so I am assuming that the 60p source is effectively losing 50% of its frames in the transition to 30p. I realize that there must be a lot of factors involved in which frames are kept and discarded based on encoder settings, but would it make that much difference if I simply started capturing the CS2 sources every 2 seconds and encoding them @ 30p to preserve the 1 minute = 1 hour ratio?

    Any information regarding whats happening and why will help.


    I ended up using VirtualDub to do all my editing. Clunky UI, but good.
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