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Thread: Infinity Wars TCG (PC/MAC/Android/iPhone/iPad)

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    Infinity Wars TCG (PC/MAC/Android/iPhone/iPad)

    Anyone play this? Looks like its in beta still but keys are apparently quite easy to get. Steam release on February 12th. Looks like they're trying to make a next-gen game. I know a lot of people have a love/hate relationship with Hearthstone because of its simplicity... maybe the more hardcore TCG crowd will dig this?

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    I play it sometimes (btw you don't need a key to play, it's open beta now, just register on their site). The game is fun, and has promise. It's also horribly unbalanced in my opinion. The difference between playing with starter cards vs against someone who has a full suite of the rare/epic commanders is unreal. That said, the rather long solo campaign was a lot of fun, and very worth a playthrough even if you don't then move on to grinding up in pvp duels.

    Edit: Btw, I think there's a thread on this game already on this forum. I recall replying about it recently. Might have been off-topic in another thread though.

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