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Thread: Engine for Turn based strategy game....?

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    Engine for Turn based strategy game....?

    I don't know much about creating a video game but I have messed around with a lot of modding stuff in the past.

    Lately I have an itch to try and create a turn based strategy game similar to one I played a long time ago. The game is called mission force cyberstorm.

    Does anyone have any advice or ideas on how I could go about this? I don't know how to program so ideally something that has a nice mod or GUI would be nice. Just testing the waters and not really expecting to find much without spending some serious cash or hiring someone to develop.

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    Can't help with too much, but if you plan on creating a game you'll probably want to pick up programming - even if it's just a scripting language to start. I have no real assistance here.
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    You might be able to use RPG maker with some free sci-fi assets. RPG maker has a free trial Make Your Own Game with RPG Maker

    And you can get some game assets like sprites and sounds from here: Each asset there has a license of some sort but most are free to use as long as you reference the source.

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