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Thread: Wizard Wars - Syfy

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    Wizard Wars - Syfy

    A Reality Show About Magicians air on Syfy on March 4th
    I'm not a big fan of reality TV, but i love magicians, so i'll give this a shot... It's like Chopped on food Network with magicians. They are given mystery items and then 1 hour to come up with an illusion using those props.

    The format is simple: Two two-person teams of greenhorn magicians are pitted against each other in a magic-off where they are given an assortment of random objects and tasked with integrating them into an original trick. The winner of that round—chosen by a panel of judges led by Penn & Teller.

    Continued article here...
    A Reality Show About Magicians, Because Why the Hell Not | Underwire |

    Pilot here:

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    show started airing, watched the first two episodes. I liked it, its funny and the magic is interesting enough. the show flow is a bit odd, and the format doesn't quite fit right - like its two different shows of two teams competing against each other and another show of a team competing against semi-pros. You also get the feeling that a lot of prep work is being hidden away, there is no way they are getting stuff done so fast without something fucking up badly.

    anyways worth a watch if you like magic, tried looking around to see how to get tickets to tapings since its in vegas but couldn't find anything, I think all the shows taped a while ago anyways.

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