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Thread: Madden 25

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    Madden 25

    Been out for a couple months but doesn't look like there's a thread on it.

    After being disappointed in the last few Madden games that are mostly just roster updates, I was surprisingly impressed with it. Played it for XB1 and it feels much now fluid than previous editions. The running game feels more satisfying and going after the quarterback isn't impossible like in 13. Being Demarcus Ware I was constantly pushing the blocker back even when not getting passed and the power/finesse moves actually worked regularly. Last year you'd just fall immediately to the ground 9/10 times and the only blitzing that would work was from the corners.

    The voice commands are pretty fun, too. Ultimately they're efficient than just hitting the buttons, but being able to yell hike and audibles is awesome.

    On the downside, the graphics are just another small step like all previous versions. Nothing dramatic like there should be when going up a generation. Also, why the fuck is it almost impossible to intercept a tipped pass? If the first defender slaps the ball away and there's another defender under it, they never catch it. Football games have always been like that and it really needs to go away.

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    Stopped reading at XB1.

    I was disappointed the jump in graphics in next gen was mostly crowd and field. I didn't feel like the players were that much better like NBA2K14.

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    Madden 08 for PC still going strong yo.

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