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    So yeah there is no way to rebind your keys or edit controls in game at all. Only way to do it is go into mygames/nether and edit the config.ini.

    Nether Beta - Keybinds/MouseSmoothing/Sensitivity/Custom Resolutions

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    That was my biggest complaint, luckily I got my mouse sensitivity right on the first try. How the fuck do you not put that in a in-game menu?
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    I wishi could do that I swtor. Be thankful you can edit your configuration file

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    I picked this up for cheap. I've never played DayZ or any game like it, this sounded similar.

    1) I can only run 10 feet then I'm out of stamina. WTF.
    2) I keep getting killed by fully geared people within minutes of spawning with a kitchen knife.

    I then ask for advice in server chat only to be trolled. Someone finally suggests doing courier missions. God I love those in MMOs!

    I leave the safe zone, killed the instant my safe timer is up by some dude with a silenced gun.

    Try again, this time I make it within sight of the 2nd safe zone and destination of my package! Keep in mind with the stupid stamina it literally takes 30 minutes. NOPE, another camper gets me =\ Is DayZ this bad? I was going to try that one, but not interested in being fodder.

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    The DayZ map is stupid huge. It's pretty easy to spawn and make a run for the forest before anyone notices. There's also the option to just select a low pop server where no one will bother you while you gear up.

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