A friend had me try it out and it's a lot like Arathi or Warsong I guess in the levels and style of combat. You can play 3 different classes and each of them can unlock a secondary class.

War -> Berserker
Cleric -> Engineer
Mage -> Zephyr

It's FTP with marketplace purchases. You can definitely twink to a slight extent, but doing so makes you vulnerable in other areas. Like if you buy Happy Cards and get lucky and get a Premium weapon, well it'll have a high weight which means you have to wear low level armor or none at all to use it until you get higher.

It's cartoony type graphics, but its quite a bit of fun for a free game. Of course it has its flaws, but something different to waste time on.

A couple links:

Wiki so you know what buffs do what: Buffs - Happy Wars Wiki

If you decide to try it out and like it add me on xbox live and I'll join up. Let me know you are from FoH.

Xbox Tag: Hush077