Hey MMH,

I am working on this media project called ITAL based out of Central Texas (Austin, San Marcos). We've been having a crowd-funding campaign for the project for the past 19 days, and we are less then $1,500 away from reaching our goal. Figured in these last 2 days, I'd try to reach out to whatever avenue I can think of.

We're a non-profit that is creating intercultural content that will be used for both education and entertainment purposes. Right now, the culture which we have been focusing on is the Texan Italian community, but the hopes are, that in the end, we will have a template to use for whatever culture or language a university or program wishes to apply our method to. Some are already being used in the Italian language department at UT as part of their curriculum, and we have recently premiered a bi-cultural short film and are in post-production with a feature film titled Tiramisu for Two

This is the fundraising video that goes pretty in-depth, into our mission.
And https://ital.crowdhoster.com/ital-x-mas-fundraiser is our fundraising campaign website.

Thanks for the time y'all and, please, feel free and share some feedback on the ideas being expressed with the project.