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Thread: The "Shit I'm Buying" Thread

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    The "Shit I'm Buying" Thread

    I buy old beer cans, the ones you had to use a 'church key'/bottle opener to open. I also buy breweriana "beer stuff" that is old; no plastic signs, etc. Anything OLD - pre-1950's and older, that is beer related, I'd be interested in seeing.

    I'm not interested in Billy Beer cans.

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    I also collect Chief's team sets, so I'm filling out 60's and early 70's singles and commons if you have any.

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    So if my kids come to church with me until they leave home, it's indoctrination?

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    OK, are there any DS Zelda combo deals coming up this weekend? Wish I would have gotten a DS over a Vita.
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    Dwayne Hekotat Alozondo Mountain Dew Comacho
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    She's done riding the dick train and you're the beta provider. Disregard your feelings; break up with her and die alone.
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    let it be known that IRB is in favor of rolling cripples out onto the battlefield.

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