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    2.1 Information Posts

    Crafting and High-Level Items
    FFXIV: A Realm Reborn Producer and Director Yoshi-P here with a few thoughts on crafting and high-level items.

    As always, I appreciate the constructive feedback that many of you have offered on this important topic. In this post, I’d like to discuss our vision for the role of crafting in Eorzea.

    Crafting of High-Item-Level Gear
    As you all know, the item level cap in FFXIV Version 2.0-2.1 is item level 90.
    (We will be implementing a slight balance adjustment based upon our observations of item distribution within the player population.)
    There are currently two ways to obtain item level 90 gear: by conquering the game’s most challenging dungeon, or by collecting and exchanging Allagan tomestones.

    In contrast, the highest-item-level gear that is currently craftable is item level 70. Looking simply at the difference, this appears to a very significant gap. That said, the materia system (including advanced materia melding) allows for the crafting of gear more powerful than its item level would suggest, gear that can—when augmented with effective materia combinations—serve players well even in the most challenging battles.

    That said, it is impossible to craft higher-item-level gear, or gear that is completely equal in power to the highest-item-level gear available.

    This is an intentional decision that we made for a few reasons, which I would like to explain in detail.

    Preserving the Appeal of Dungeons
    While there are a variety of ways to enjoy FFXIV, the desire to become powerful is a great motivator for many players. In particular, the impressive weapons and armor obtainable by triumphing in high-level PvE encounters attract many players to take on these challenges.

    If the same items were made craftable, some players might find it easier to save up their gil, robbing them of this motivation to undertake the game’s toughest battles.

    I realize this is a worst-case scenario. In a perfect world, it would simply be another option, and players would have the choice of either fighting or saving money to obtain their desired gear. Unfortunately, this remains a concern.

    Ensuring Item Rarity
    We also believe that the strongest gear available at a given time should not be obtainable by all players.
    As of Version 2.0-2.1, this position is held by the Allagan gear that may be won by completing the Binding Coil of Bahamut. With only the most skilled of adventurers able to complete this challenge, many others must settle for obtaining high-item-level gear via tomestones while biding their time, waiting for the difficulty of this battle to be eased.

    Crafted gear plays an important role in allowing players to triumph in battle and obtain the strongest gear. Furthermore, as the item level cap is raised in patches to come, new recipes for higher-item-level gear will be added, preserving the valuable role of crafters while maintaining this intentional gap.

    As our first patch has not yet arrived, it may seem as if the current state of items and crafting is static, but rest assured that subsequent patches will introduce higher-item-level gear, along with many new opportunities for crafters.
    The class/job level cap will remain at 50 for the time being, meaning that gear (including crafted gear) will play an increasingly important role in character growth in the months to come.

    At the moment, players are striving to improve themselves within a relatively limited range of power, but this range will gradually expand as new content is released, and as the difference in play styles between players leads to greater disparity over time. As a result, even if they lack the ability to create the highest-item-level gear, crafters will always have an essential role in Eorzea.

    RMT Concerns
    “What if high-item-level gear was made craftable with materials dropped in the Binding Coil of Bahamut?” is a popular argument. As I alluded to in a previous section, we believe that the prices for such gear would be high, forcing players to choose between sacrificing time to earn gil, or taking on the battles themselves.

    It is nevertheless an understandable suggestion, and one which is of course possible to implement.
    However, we stand by our decision not to have the highest-level gear available for purchase. One of our primary reasons is that such a change would encourage RMT. Our team is working tirelessly to stamp out RMT entirely, closing thousands of accounts and seizing massive amounts of gil every week—this even in the game’s current state, where many believe that crafted items are in low demand.

    Were the highest-item-level gear made craftable and available for purchase, it’s easy to foresee a problematic situation where RMT abusers would:

    •Overrun instances for item farming (monopolizing materials)
    •Buy high-item-level gear at excessive prices to drive up value (market manipulation)
    •More persistently solicit RMT gil purchases from players (increased spamming)
    This would, in turn, lead to more players choosing to purchase gil, creating a vicious cycle that would feed further RMT abuse.

    At one time, we considered the option of adding a more valuable, non-tradable currency that could be used to purchase these items on the market, but this idea was scrapped, as it made little sense from an overall gameplay perspective.

    Existing Concerns and Future Plans
    To summarize, in the game’s current state, the limited item level range for available gear means that many players are able to meet their needs with gear obtained in the course of leveling. Crafted gear remains useful for only a short period of time, resulting in low demand on the markets.
    We are aware that this is especially true for weapons, with relic weapons becoming a sort of standard.

    These issues will be eventually be dealt with by raising the level cap, but crafters need not wait that long for change. Patch 2.1 will see the addition of the Wolves’ Den and the Housing system, and the services of crafters will be in high demand for both PvP-related items and furnishings. Looking ahead to Patch 2.2, crafters will be able to alter gear designs using a “template” system (official name TBD), giving them yet another role in creating desirable gear.
    Rest assured that we will not sit idly by as crafters go neglected.

    In closing, I would like to emphasize that we will continue to look at the demand for crafted items in all aspects of gameplay, from PvE and PvP to housing, end-game content, and so forth. We will continue to explore options for expanding the role of crafters—if not by allowing for the crafting of the highest-item-level gear—with a close eye on that which is in the greatest demand in the ever-evolving world of Eorzea.
    I hope all crafters will look forward to the changes to come!

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    1. Upcoming Changes to Allagan Tomestone Acquisition
    Producer and director Yoshi-P here.

    Recently, we've noticed a number of threads discussing the weekly limit on Allagan tomestones of mythology. I'd like to talk about the reasons for this limit, as well as changes coming in patch 2.1 that will affect their acquisition.

    Progression in FFXIV
    As you'd expect, there are many more factors to consider when designing an MMORPG like FFXIV, compared to a stand-alone console game. These factors heavily influence combat design and balance.

    Each encounter in FFXIV: ARR is crafted with a particular difficulty in mind. As players grow stronger by increasing their level, they will be able to complete early encounters. However, upon reaching level 50, players who wish to become even more powerful and tackle the hardest challenges must instead obtain better gear, thus increasing their item level. The time required to do so is dictated either by drop rates, or by the rate at which tomestones can be acquired, depending on the gear being sought.

    Progression can therefore be described as follows:
    o Players reach level 50 while clearing the main scenario.
    o Upon reaching level 50, players begin acquiring gear to raise their item level.
    o Players take on encounters appropriate for their item level, acquiring new gear.
    o Upon acquiring new gear, players raise their item level, allowing them to challenge more difficult encounters.
    Our ultimate goal is to give players the freedom to advance at their own pace. Having said that, the current design has room for improvement, which is why we will be implementing changes with patch 2.1.

    Expectations for Progression Until Patch 2.1
    From the initial release of FFXIV: ARR, we predicted it would take roughly a month and a half for the most dedicated players to reach the Binding of Coil of Bahamut, and roughly two months for the general player population. Furthermore, we wanted players to acquire gear using Allagan tomestones of mythology in tandem with clearing the Binding Coil. This served as the basis for determining the rate at which tomestones can be earned, which is currently limited to 300 tomestones of mythology per week. With the release of patch 2.1, this limit will be increased to about 450 tomestones per week, for reasons which will be explained at the end.

    The Two Paths for Player Progression
    One unique quality of MMORPGs is that, depending on how much time they have to play, a disparity between players can easily emerge. For example, let's say player A plays two hours per day, and player B plays five hours per day. After a week, there's a difference of 21 hours, after five weeks a difference of 105 hours, and after ten weeks a difference of 210 hours. MMORPGs are designed to be played over a long period of time, and as such, this gap between players will only increase as time goes on. This inevitably leads to several problems:
    o It becomes difficult for new players to join.
    o Casual players are likely to lose motivation to play.
    o The community is likely to become fragmented.
    In an attempt to combat these trends, and also to encourage users to continue playing, most developers of the first generation of MMORPGs decided that items should only a fraction of the time. Because the chance of obtaining items was so low, it took a relatively long amount of time to obtain gear, meaning users would play longer.

    However, when considering the lifestyle of users in today's market, the freedom to play at a more leisurely pace is essential. With no option but to continue running through instances, with no guarantee that the desired can be obtained, users are more likely to become stressed and stop playing all together.

    These concerns led to the birth of the token system, which we have adopted for FFXIV: ARR. The merit of this system is that, although there is a limit on tomestone acquisition, users are guaranteed to obtain desired items after obtaining a set number of tokens.

    Because every duty in ARR offers a set number of tomestones, players can easily determine how many instances they need to clear and how much time it will take. They can then play at their own pace to acquire the gear they desire. Furthermore, the more difficult encounters also incorporate a more traditional system of drop rewards. This offers players two options:
    o Play through the Binding Coil of Bahamut and obtain gear from drops.
    o Collect Allagan tomestones of mythology to exchange for gear.
    Although these methods are different, each allows for the acquisition of level 90 gear.

    In short, players who have ample time to play are free to collect tomestones, or challenge the Binding Coil, and those who have less time can still acquire tomestones at their leisure. Despite the difference in time available to players, the game is designed so that everyone can potentially obtain item level 90 gear.

    However, please bear in mind that high-item-level gear alone may not enough to overcome some challenges. Because of the armory system’s design, end game encounters have been balanced for players who have not only leveled one job to 50, but who have also obtained abilities from other classes. That being said, we have no plans to make multiple jobs a requirement.

    Providing Additional Paths for Player Progression
    There's one key problem with the encounters available in 2.0: the limited number of options leads to linear progression for battle classes, and essentially leaves crafters and gathers by the wayside.

    To be more specific, players are being pressured to join a party to play through a limited selection of instances for tomestones; there are few, if any, options for those who wish to collect them leisurely, efficiently, or even alone. Patch 2.1 will serve as a means to resolve this problem, giving players many more options to collect tomestones and play as they see fit.

    Here is an example of how the upcoming update will appeal to more players:
    Beast Tribe Quests
    - Learn about the beast tribes in daily quests and acquire tomestones.
    Treasure Hunts
    - Search for buried treasure with up to four players and obtain crafting material, consumable items, and tomestones.
    Duty Roulette
    - Join a duty at random and receive bonus tomestones and experience points.
    - Build and furnish a home with the aid of Eorzea's crafters and gatherers, or use your own skills to do the same.
    Wolves' Den
    - Test your combat skills against your fellow players, earning fame and fortune.
    Crystal Tower
    - Challenge an ancient tower with 23 of your strongest allies and face the dangers within.
    Pharos Sirius
    - Explore an abandoned lighthouse to obtain new gear and tomestones.
    Two Hard Mode Dungeons
    - Face greater dangers to obtain new gear and tomestones.
    - Keep your characters fresh by changing their appearance.
    Extreme Primal Battles and Good King Moggle Mog
    - Confront a mysterious new enemy and three familiar foes to obtain new gear and tomestones.
    New Main Scenario Quests
    - Work together with the Scions of the Seventh Dawn for the sake of Eorzea.
    New Side Quests
    - Take part in additional side stories to learn more about the peoples and cultures of Eorzea.
    As you can see, this upcoming update will add more options for adventuring alone or in a group; the means to challenge other players in PvP; more incentive to craft, gather, and collect items; and new chapters in the game's ongoing story.

    Patch 2.2 will introduce the next section of the Binding Coil of Bahamut, and we highly encourage players seeking a challenge to prepare for the new dangers ahead. To those of you have obtained all available gear in the Binding Coil, we hope you'll give the Wolves' Den a try and see how you fare against your fellow dungeon runners.

    Raising the Tomestone Cap in 2.1
    As I explained previously, because there are only a few ways to acquire tomestones, players have had no choice but to run the same dungeons over and over. While there are those who are fine with the current state of affairs, there are others who dislike the limit, as well as those who feel obligated to hit the weekly cap.

    A. Players who dislike the limit:
    -> “Once I reach the weekly cap, there's nothing else to do. If the limit was raised or removed, I would have a reason to play more.”
    B. Players who feel obligated to hit the cap
    -> “If I don't hit the weekly cap, I’ll fall behind. But having only a handful of dungeons is boring. I just want it over with fast.”
    If we were to increase the weekly limit before patch 2.1, players who fall under category B would increase significantly. To satisfy both types of players, we feel it best to prioritize giving players more options.

    I realize patch 2.1 was originally scheduled to be released in November, but due to problems with server congestion, and the need for server and system improvements, we were forced to delay the release one month. However, I assure you that the wait will be worth it, as the upcoming patch will not only include plenty of new content, but also improvements to the user interface and additional system updates.

    There have been several posts asking why we have not split patch 2.1 into several smaller updates, the answer to which can be found in a recent post here on the forum.

    We're working to have everything ready in a timely fashion, and we greatly appreciate your continued patience.

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    LAST but not least ---- Warrior changes

    Warrior buffs for 2.1

    Producer and director Yoshi-P here.

    I understand that all our warriors out there are eager to know what patch 2.1 has in store for them. While we're still in the testing stages, I'd like to give you a preview of what we have planned. Please keep in mind that warrior is still being tested in all encounters available in 2.1, and the following information is subject to change.

    Marauder Changes
    Brutal Swing - Recast time will be reduced from 30 to 20 seconds, increasing the frequency with which players can stun foes.
    Overpower - Enmity generated by this skill has been increased.
    Storm's Eye - TP cost will be reduced from 70 to 60.
    Storm's Path - TP cost will be reduced from 90 to 60. - This skill will also reduce damage dealt by enemies for a period of time.
    Holmgang - Range will be increased from 3 yalms to 6, to make the skill more effective. - This skill will now pull enemies toward your character. - When using this skill, a player's HP cannot be reduced lower than 1. - The animation for this skill will be revised. (See screenshot above)
    Vengeance - This skill will also reduce damage taken by 30%.
    Mercy Stroke - Recast time will be reduced from 60 to 40 seconds, improving ease of use.
    Thrill of Battle - Effect duration will be extended from 10 to 20 seconds.
    Warrior Changes
    Defiance - Enmity generated by this skill will be increased. - This skill will also increase HP recovery via curing magic by 20%.
    Wrath - The improved healing effect granted by Wrath will be removed. Instead, the improved healing effect will be granted by Defiance.
    Inner Beast - Due to overall balance changes, HP absorbed by damage dealt will be reduced from 300% to 100% - Damage taken will be reduced by 20% for 6 seconds.
    Steel Cyclone - This skill will generate increased enmity.
    Unchained - Recast time will be reduced from 180 to 120 seconds, improving ease of use. The main focus of these changes—as the seasoned warriors among you have already observed— was Inner Beast and its HP absorption effect. With these changes, warriors will no longer be dependent on a single skill to recover HP, and have overall improved defense.
    To put it simply, we want to ensure the role of warriors as durable tanks. This is why we've also adjusted the effects of Wrath and Defiance. As currently implemented, warriors are forced to lose their healing bonus when using certain skills. However, these changes will allow players to use their warrior skills without sacrificing improved healing, and also maintain the critical hit bonus of Wrath.
    Although warrior will no longer recover immense amounts of HP in a single use of Inner Beast, these changes should improve the overall defensive capability of warriors and the ability to heal them using a support class or job.
    Patch 2.1 may seem a long way off, but please understand that we have to test these balance changes not only in encounters to be introduced in the upcoming patch, but all existing encounters as well. (Please refer to a previous post for details on why we cannot break up patch 2.1) While I regret having to keep you waiting, I am confident these changes, along with the numerous additions we have planned for patch 2.1, will be well worth your patience.

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    Those warrior changes are huge if they all go through.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krassus View Post
    Expectations for Progression Until Patch 2.1
    From the initial release of FFXIV: ARR, we predicted it would take roughly a month and a half for the most dedicated players to reach the Binding of Coil of Bahamut, and roughly two months for the general player population. Furthermore, we wanted players to acquire gear using Allagan tomestones of mythology in tandem with clearing the Binding Coil. This served as the basis for determining the rate at which tomestones can be earned, which is currently limited to 300 tomestones of mythology per week. With the release of patch 2.1, this limit will be increased to about 450 tomestones per week, for reasons which will be explained at the end.
    What the fuck? I thought everyone said Yoshi was a hardcore gamer. He really thought it'd take 6 weeks to reach Coil? Turn 5 would've been on farm status after 2 weeks if not for their retarded cockblocks.

    I originally planned to come back for this patch, but there doesn't appear to be any reason to. Doesn't sound like there will really be anything worthwhile to do that I didn't do back in September. Game should have really been free to play with the amount of content they're pushing out.

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    To be fair, pre-nerf speed runs in AK cut off about 80% of the farming time for full darklight. That was obviously not intended. Then it would be 3 weeks of myth for the relic+1s which obviously make a huge difference even on turn 1.

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    Highlights of the first part of the live letter.

    Dragoon damage is going up about 10%, Jumps animations are faster to allow them to not get fucked by landslides.
    Monks are getting a dps boost as well, via their buffs getting beefier, and their positional attacks getting higher bonuses.
    Bards are getting nerfed because their dps and support is too much, causing them to do the job of other classes plus some. *no number given, but its enough to not want to bring two*

    Raids :
    CT loot will be ilvl 80 for sure, no mention of materia slots in it to inflate it above coil.
    CT loot will be on a item ticket basis?, basically you can get one item per run. But the raid isnt a lockout timer like coil. So run it all day if you want.
    1 chest per group, so 3 chests per encounter? They mentioned that half the raid should see a piece of loot. So 4-5 encounters.
    CT requires you to have a premade 8 man group. You are then matched up with two other random groups. You can not do 3 premade groups and queue together as an FC/LS, thats a feature coming later down the line.
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    He really breaks down the reasoning for everything, heh. Not sure I've ever seen anything like it.

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    Highlights of part two.

    Cosmetics :
    Styler will cost 2000 gil, and include Face paint, hairstyle, face paint coloring, tattoos and maybe eye color
    Unlockable styles will come from events and fates, like lightnings hair style
    Phantasia will be added as a item you can acquire no details yet on how
    Complete the first phase of lightning event to unlock hair style

    King moogle will be around garuda HM in difficulty, alittle harder
    Compared to 1.0, you'll fight many moogles at the same time, king moogle + 5-6 others
    Will be released with normal and HM
    ilvl 80 weapon drops from mog king-
    Allagan wearpons will be raised to ilvl 95? Unconfirmed
    Leviathan will appear in 2.2 and in 2.3 you'll see Ramuh and Shiva
    Chimera and hydra will eventually appear in duty finder, not in 2.1 but later - coil will not be added to duty finder in any foreseeable future
    New party recruit feature will be the solution to BC not being in duty finder

    Dungeons/Duty finder :
    4 catagories : Low level, high level, main quest, guild order
    You can do one of these a day and get a bonus of exp and token rewards
    If you join as a job/role thats currently missing, you also get an additional bonus on top of that
    Locked dungeons/content will not be included as options for random rewards until you beat it once
    Dungeon exp is increase substantially so leveling in this manner should be enjoyable
    Fate exp will be great casual, but dungeon exp and a focused group should be better.
    hard level dungeons will reward you more tomestones since you cant take advantage of the exp bonus reward
    vote kick will be included, you cant overuse it, will be used for sleeping/not moving characters after a set period of time?
    MIP *most impressive penis* will be voted on by who was nice and helped explain things, not who did the most damage/heal/tanked at the end
    There will be achievements and presents to those that get this often *MIP*
    MIP is only got when you join a queue solo with others, no premades
    They are adding harsher penalty to those that leave a dungeon early to combat people trying to get easier random reward content

    New dungeon/Hard modes of old dungeons :
    New items and better token rewards
    boss is a ff staple, refuses to show it off
    new gimmicks in the dungeon not seen in other areas of the game so far
    Haukke and copperbell will have hard modes
    new routes and new bosses
    rewards for hard mode will just expand ways of getting second jobs loot ala AK/WP

    Extreme primals :
    requires you have killed titan HM
    ilvl 70+ required
    garuda has her and her adds doing ariel shriek
    ifrit has 16? nails all around the arena with a giant nail as well, plumes are basically the whole room as well
    titan has three landslides at the same time, adds that tether to him and 2 gaols at the same time - this fight is very very tight on execution
    Ultima weapon HM and extreme modes will be added as well
    You get a ilvl 90 weapon if you defeat all three of the extreme modes
    Drop rates for HM primals furniture items will be increased, extreme mode will have their own drops as well

    Random crap :
    Snowmen costumes in holiday event
    Vet rewards for 180 confirmed to be FF1 character minions and black mage outfit for chocobo mount
    270 rewards : the GC leader minions, and a behemoth mount
    They plan to go around japan and do live letters to have more fans interact with them
    Fan fest world tour next year to include more countries in their live letters - US EU DE, around oct
    2.2 - They apologize for the 4 week delay on 2.1 and are hoping to get back on track for 2.2. Once 2.1 drops, better information will go out on 2.2

    Next live letter :
    Daily beast men quests, Treasure hunts, PVP and PS4 coverage
    Live letter on 14th of dec

    Release date : Dec 17th 2013 is current target
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    The extreme mode videos looked wild, Titan had a 3 way landslide + double midget prison + adds + what looked like a super tumult.

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    Yeah, Im really looking forward to those fights. To see if they are a challenge enough to keep interest. If they take up enough of a month, I'll throw another 90 day sub at them.

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    Live letter, Dec 14th.

    Patch notes are going out after this live letter so folks can look at the pvp skills and other things included in more clarity~ Recipes will not be included to prevent players from dominating new crafting materials

    Daily quests
    Beast man quests will be limited to 6 a day for now. At level 50 they will grant tombstones, and the amount will vary. Not the best way to gain tombstones, but another way to gain them through the week.
    Quests will take 7-15 minutes normally, all 6 quests should take you about an hour. You can also take quest items ahead of time and turn them in as soon as reset if you wish
    * seems like standard faction gain, stuff unlocks as you gain favor

    Treasure hunt
    Gathers find maps in nodes, grades 1-5 also determine the difficulty, grade 5 needs a party
    You can find and sell maps to others if they are not already "decoded" *basically if you open it, your stuck with it
    You can only find 1 map every 18 hours as a gatherer, you can hold onto multiple ones provided they have not been deciphered
    You can run away from a treasure encounter if you feel its too much and rechallenge

    Wolves den - 4 man PVP arenas
    Everyone gets a dispel on a long cooldown to remove undesired effects
    As archer/bard gets farther away from targets, they do less damage
    You have to be facing the correct direction to get off spells, ect - just like in pve, nothing there changes
    Gain points in pvp win/lose, buy actions or gear with said points
    As you gain ranks you can lower the recast time of actions
    Vanity items will not be allowed in pvp arenas, it will just simply disable them
    Pvp items have materia slots - increased materia demand
    Two different queue types for pvp - random and party match - Party match gives more points

    Other 2.1 info
    Allagan weapons will be ilvl 95, but stats will remain the same aka the type, the parameters will increase to match ilvl
    *** They mention other allagan pieces having the same stats as myth pieces, and something about being touched up * context is screwy, cant clarify it myself
    Housing pricing WILL be different for legacy servers at the very least, they stated all world econs are different but didnt go in any more depth past the legacy servers being more expensive
    Smallest plot of land on normal servers should be 4m, double that on legacy servers
    Land price goes down over time
    CT loot - if you get loot everyone passed on, you get locked out still - no gaming that system

    Part 2 -

    PS4 info -

    PS4 seems to be running extremely smooth, console players might not be totally fucked with video lag if playing on PS4
    You do not need PSN+ to play FF14 on the PS4
    Full keyboard/mouse support with PS4 platform
    Server side saving might be in by the time PS4 version launches, if so you can keep UI/macro binds for the swap over
    PSvita support via PS4 remote play, you'll have a slight delay of course, but you can play taking a shit now
    During beta you can use remote play with the vita

    Primals -

    They feel extreme primals should be on par with turn 5, but maybe slightly easier
    Order should be extreme : Garuda > titan > ifrit for difficult progression
    Hard mode order will be : Ifrit > Garuda > mog > titan = Ultima
    Titan mountain buster starts at phase 1, gaols are a tethered effect and seems like the time to break them out is pretty narrow, if the two gaol targets are too far away from each other, they will just instantly die
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    Quote Originally Posted by Valos View Post
    PSvita support via PS4 remote play, you'll have a slight delay of course, but you can play taking a shit now
    Best feature ever, bar none.

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    Lodestone is updated with the loot tables now. A lot of really good shit. The extreme primals drop i90 neck/ring/bracers/ears and shit, better than allagan for many

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    Gonna finally unslack after christmas and try to get more things done. Just so much doing on, not much time for MMOs. Miss it though, still think its a very fun game.
    Draegan sold us out to

    Exodus underway to - A Gaming Community

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