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Thread: Reading/PC glasses

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    Reading/PC glasses

    Guess I am at the age where your sight starts to...fatigue lets say. I can only sit in front of a monitor a couple hours tops now, without needing to take a break, or risk a head ache.

    Does anyone have experience with using PC glasses or reading glasses? Do these really work? They seem gimicky but who the hell knows.

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    I picked up some of those gunnar optics on sale at woot. They do make it easier to look at a computer screen first thing rolling out of bed, and extended gaming seshes are easy on the eyes. Slight yellowish tint to the lenses. Cant comment on it, but they come with corrective lenses too.

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    The Gunnar's do seem to give a little bit of amplification but it could just placebo type effect. Since I've bought them I almost can not play games without using them, the strain reduction is fantastic.
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