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Thread: Frontline Doc League of Denial

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    Frontline Doc League of Denial

    I believe this deserve its own thread.

    Watch here commercial free
    From the story of the death of center Mike Webster to the death of linebacker Junior Seau to the $765 million settlement between the players and the league — with the key resolution that the NFL still does not acknowledge causation of football on brain injuries — viewers watched a devastating angle of the NFL’s violence.

    “That’s what we love about that game,” Fainaru-Wada says about the brutal hits.

    The documentary showed scientists linking the sport to Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) and presented a picture of the NFL consistently denying the scientific evidence. The league was basically accused of turning a blind eye to – and quashing – evidence that players were sustaining head traumas on the field that could lead to serious, long-term cognitive disability.

    The documentary had originally been a co-production with ESPN until the sports broadcaster pulled out – allegedly under pressure from the NFL – and lost a huge audience as a result. But plenty of people still saw the programme.
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