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Thread: Need a graphic/texture artist for personal venture

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    Need a graphic/texture artist for personal venture

    I need a graphic artist for some work for a personal business. I can only pay you per completed item, so this is not a full time opportunity - just something for you to make a little on the side. It shouldn't be terribly hard for someone good in PS, but it's mainly some texturing work, and sprite sheets.

    Shoot me an IM if interested and I'll give more detail.
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    You've said in this post you're after a graphic artist (they are pre-press digital or offset printing artists), but I'm thinking you're actually after an illustrator or digital painter. While I'm great working in photoshop for creating just about anything, I wouldn't feel comfortable creating original artwork for sprite sheets assuming you're looking for original game characters/assets (I'm not an illustrator).

    Have you found someone to help out?

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