Hello !

My name's Pecavi and I want to share my music with the ones that are reading this post.
I create electronic dance music since 14 years and today i'm writing a new album in my own music style design called: "The Embers Breaks"

Here's my free Discography 2013 of over 50 original and unique tunes in different underground music styles: Drum and Bass, Dub's, Jungle and various electronica.


Here's one of the tunes that are in this FREE Discography:
Pecavi - Legends ( FREE DOWNLOAD !!!! ) by Pecavi on SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds

There are more aggressive and more chill tunes inside.
Also if you like my music, you can join my social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Soundcloud and visit my official website.
( Check the attached .txt file for the links )

Enjoy ! And have good mind trips