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Thread: Splinter Cell - Blacklist

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    Splinter Cell - Blacklist

    Pulled a search, didn't see anything. I was looking forward to this game for quite some time after I burnt out on Ghost Recon. Was gonna pull the trigger on the $60 tonight to pick it up but wanted to see if anyone has some feedback first.

    Anyone got anything? I watched a couple of short reviews but eh, they're all very biased and I don't want to spoil the story with a real gameplay video.

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    Its good, not like the greatest game ever made but not a total embarassment to the franchise like the last Splinter Cell game.

    I think I got most of the way through it before I got distracted.

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    Was a good game from a single player perspective. Multiplayer SvM is still slunky and isn't as fluid as Pandora Tomorrow or Chais Theory Multiplayer - which was fantastic.

    They need to stop with the action shit and get back to the stealth, which also means incorporating slow control instead of 2 speeds fits all on the right analog stick.

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    PSN Verseia

    Have a tight cell running right now if anyone wants to join us, do a lot of co op and stomp SvM. People from all over, one guy is teaching me Japanese and oddly our language barrier made us play better. Anyway, some of us are ranking in top 50 and 100 in world leaderboards and trying to break records too.
    Hit me up and shoot me a msg and I'll hook you up if anyone is interested.

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    Fuck this game is badass. It's been sitting on my HD for two months because I didn't care for it at first (bad taste in mouth from Conviction + new voice actor) but I'm on the third or fourth campaign mission and I'm hooked. Also, the new actor grew on me and I think he does a good job. Ironside was iconic and awesome but also was clearly phoning it in much of time. Hell, the in-game cutscenes are more convincing than half the crap on TV.

    The hardest part to get used to was having more enemies between checkpoints than there are in an entire level of classic Splinter Cell. Hitting a checkpoint and getting Enemies Evaded: 25 holy shit. It feels great when I get Ghost but some areas are just too absurd. And fuck dogs, and fuck "take cover" also for some fucking reason doubling as "CLIMB OVER THE COVER YOU ARE STANDING BEHIND." Of course I'm geared out for stealth (but I don't drive myself insane getting a perfect ghost score, although I do try until I fuck up too many times for my stress levels to handle - the game is as hard as you make it) so when I hit the sections where you have to fight it feels great because I'm not some COD super soldier that can eat 20 bullets without a fuck given. But in those parts I get to use all the toys that I can't use while trying to get Ghost achievements so it's a lot of fun unloading with flashbangs and frag grenades.

    Aside from the "take cover" issue my biggest gripe is that it took four missions to even get to one where night vision was even useful. Which I guess is one more mission than Conviction had.
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    Yea Kreugen the multipilcation of hostiles was a huge step up for me as well. The controls can be akward too (in general, they are fantastic though and especially when you are used to them) and when I first started playing, I got spotted a lot because of corner peeking and dumb shit being so iffy.

    If you're on PS3 and want some help with some runs or a competent partner, hit me up man.

    Also, upgrading your goggles makes a HUGE difference in the usefulness and also sonar was one of the most unexpectedly useful tools in the entire game I found, especially for Ghost (although no so much on Perfectionist, which is what I always play but I have all the enemies memorized at this point...)

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