Ok, i know! the cw? wtf

Ok, i know Capture is a hunger games spinoff/ripoff

Look, i'm a fan of reality tv, and competition reality tv, i watch a lot, and... Capture is actually really good.

I'm shocked at the production value, really it could look more "ghetto" but it doesn't, it could look more "cheesy" high tech, dorkyness, but it doesn't, it's actually just right.

Please no Hunger games ripoff or battle royale, all Capture takes imo, is the the competition part.

8? teams start off, 1 out of those teams will be assigned to capture 1 team a day (it's 2 competition days, but the second day if you didn't catch anyone on the first, you can try for a second).

teams that are captured will be jailed

2 teams will be on the block, and one will be voted off.

if the capture team only captured 1 team, then it will be the capture team against the captured team.

if the capture team catches no one in 2 days, then they are eliminated

it "seems" like it's 4 hours a day.

the teams run off and i "think" get a 3min headstart, every team is equiped with a gps/like device... it looks like a wrist mounted smartphone.

There is no "camping or hiding" for the teams... if you stand in one spot for more than 3 minutes then your position will be appear on the captured teams gps map, and they'll follow know where you are. So for 4 hours practically everyone is moving constantly.

the first day after a few hours they'll input into everyones gps a special location that has a "twist" or advantage for the day

the next day, they'll have a spot where they can capture supplies or have food like burgers and fries.

and then they'll throw in the reality tv scheming and stuff.

if you like competition reality tv, give it a go. this is way better than that shit bear grylles had like by a factor of 5. (bear grylles reality tv show is probably one of the worst there is... flavor of love quality)