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Thread: Patch 2.1 Info (and other info) from TGS Live Letters (Consolidated)

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    Patch 2.1 Info (and other info) from TGS Live Letters (Consolidated)

    Taken from TGS Live Letters - Bullet Points. I know people already read some of this, but figured it would be a good idea to bullet point a lot of it and I didn't see a post here.

    Sources: here and here.

    Dragon Quest 10 fates to be introduced, should be around christmas time. It might be a seasonal event only though.
    FFXIII Lightning Returns collaboration FATE to be introduced around Nov 14
    Connection stuff: 344k users concurrently, 617k users daily, 1,080,000 total thusfar.

    Some patch 2.1 Info:
    -- 1 New dungeon -- Pharos Sirius
    -- 2 Hard mode additions to existing dungeons, but with different bosses, etc.
    -- Wolves Den -- PvP area
    ---- At first, 4x4 battle. Three tiers (30, 40, 50). PVP Specific gear, individual PVP specific skills which can be used only in the wolves den. You get points from PVP, which you can spend on this stuff.
    -- Crystal Tower -- 24 Player content. Crystal Tower is the end dungeon in Final Fantasy III and this will be remade in the same layout/style as original game with current ffxiv tech. This will then be expanded again in 2.3 with more content. Several well known bosses from FFIII will be in it. However, they have said that in 2.1 Bahamut will be the hardest "overall" content. Aiming for 90-120 minutes to clear.
    -- Player Housing - 380 pieces of customization at release
    -- Free Company house/home base
    -- Barber Shop - Can change hairstyle
    -- Mog Battles - Really difficult and challenging Level 50 content.
    -- Extreme mode Ifrit, Garuda, Titan
    -- Hard mode to another boss, but won't say which.
    -- Dailies "Communicate with the Beastmen, etc". Can be done solo.
    -- Treasure Hunts (both regular and hard mode but either way it is very casual addition)
    -- Random match duty finder boosted rewards

    Server xfers around October
    Item inventory sorting is the highest priority UI change and should come out before 2.1 but might not until then

    The Binding Coil of Bahamut Info
    -- 5 Turns total right now - will be expanded with 2.2
    -- No one on NA or JP has beaten turn 5
    -- After 5th turn there is a "major" cutscene, but obviously no one has seen it yet.
    -- It will be made "slightly easier" as new additional content gets added, which is the same philosophy as all of their content.
    -- Blue Gartr was first to clear turn 4
    -- They had estimated 3 weeks to get to turn 5, but Blue Gartr did it in 2.
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    Wait, when did ISIS start clearing turn 4? Wasn't it in like 2 weeks?

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