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Thread: Best company/website for digital movie purchases?

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    Best company/website for digital movie purchases?

    I'm looking for what you guys would recommend as far as a website or company that sells movies online. I.E. iTunes Store, Amazon, etc. If I'm going to start buying movies online I'd like to keep them housed all in one place and not spread out over 20 different sites.

    I'm stuck here in Germany until May and I am missing out on some movies I'd like to see. I don't want to purchase the physical media here as they might have the European format (PAL I think?) and won't be able to play the DVD/BR's when I'm back in the States. So I'll try to wander down the "legal" road and see how well purchasing movies here works before I go with other "alternative" means.

    Apologies if I have missed a previous post on this topic.

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    All the online movie seller/renter that I am aware of are geolocalized because of film rights. So it's likely you will not be able to see in the US the films you bought in Germany. A solution could be to use a US proxy while in germany to create a US account for these services. Another solution would be to buy US DVDs or BluRays in Germany (there are shops with an import section) providing you have a multizone player or use your laptop (TV should not be an issue unless it's very cheap or very old).

    The simplest legal solution would be to find a rental store or an online pay per view site and just pay some money to watch film and not own them until May.

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