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Thread: Last day of free game time

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    Last day of free game time

    So today is the last day of free time. You have to register your 30 day game time code to keep playing. I dont know where this is for people who ordered off of GMG, but if you ordered from Square this is where to find it and how to register it.

    First you need to find your order number. Check your email for the original order confirmation. It should be sent from [email protected]
    Copy your order # from that email.(if you cant find the email, just keep going. You can find your order with name/credit card)
    Go to
    Put your order number in and try to figure out what you use as a password, or just reset it like I had to do. (or use your last name/CC number)
    Find the Serial Number, it should be a collection of 5 4 digit numbers.
    Go to the Mog Station.
    Hit Add Platform (should be the Final Fantasy logo with a + in the bottom right)
    Enter the Serial Number here.

    there, you can keep playing for 30 more days.

    yes this is retarded that you have to do this at all. yes square is terrible with account stuff.

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    You would think they'd at least have someone fluent in US English to set up these sites. In what language does platform = code? Took me a while to figure out that's where I needed to go.

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    Thanks... I had kept my email from GMG. All I needed was the mogstation link. Much better than before... just a bit of a steep learning curve getting everything together.

    +1 for the reminder and the helpful links!

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