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Thread: Crafter Check In List

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    Crafter Check In List

    Just a thread to put guild crafters on Marlboro and Gilgamesh together so if people need materia melds, repairs, or HQ Gear for lower levels they will know who to contact. Note this isn't necessarily for free shit, but speaking for myself, if you give me mats i'll try combines as best I can. HQ gear can make things at lower level even easier and faster.

    Please post your name/server/crafting ranks and edit as needed (15+ Only please), and I will keep this top thread updated. Only post on this thread if you're willing to help out when being contacted.

    -=> Server: Gilgamesh
    Name ---------------------------- Crafts and Levels
    Rexie Soulstar .................. Weaver (27) -- Goldsmithing (18)

    -=> Server: Marlboro
    Name ---------------------------- Crafts and Levels

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