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Thread: Hackintosh Thread

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    Hackintosh Thread

    Hai Guis, over the past week I started getting into hackintosh stuff. Its fun, and even if its not going to get you to switch, its a fun science experiment like booting ubuntu.

    Things you will need. Intel cpu. Access to a mac. $20 for OSX. A 8GB USB thumb drive. A brain. Patience.

    You can jump right in if you want, but I would recommend reading atleast 2 hours of material to get an understanding of what you may or may not need. You'll end up spending that time sorting out bullshit anyway, so you may as well spend it reading and not frustrated.

    If you're running haswell, you're actually in luck, there is one standard for every machine, if you follow their directions to the T, you will have a good experience.

    If you're on a laptop, things get exponentially more complicated, as there isn't a very diverse support of devices. Odds are your wifi, trackpad will not work. People who are nuts usually buy the compatible wifi card and wire it in the laptop. (I'm ordering mine bc osx runs extremely well and is worth it)
    Sandy bridge laptops have the worst luck at the moment, but Ivy bridges work wonderfully. Best bet to getting a laptop going is searching for a thread about your model as a hackintosh on the interwebs. I googled mine, and there was a 30 pager with the files all ready to go. You will need a few tools that they should mention, if not, you need Chameleon wizard, EFI studio and Kext wizard. IF you get the kext files for your machine, don't just drag them over, use the app as they must have the correct permissions or OSX will say "fuck these files" and not load them.

    You have a bunch of different options to go with so I can't possibly cover them all as I havent used them.
    Bootloaders - Chameleon, Clover, Chimera - If your laptop bios will not boot legacy MBR, you will want to use Clover as its the only way to boot without using a thumbdrive. Chimera is the easiest to use but does not support UFI bios (it will boot but you have to boot off the usb every time)

    Important Boot flags If you can't get your drive to boot the installer, or you install but can't get in to OSX, use the boot flags referenced here.

    Guide to Mountain Lion Install
    More to come: stay tuned.

    Currently I have Diablo3, WoW, Steam version of Witcher 2 playing. Witcher 2 is a shit port though and the dialogue is a black screen.]=

    I will add more to this first post as I accrue more information.
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