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Thread: Help Wanted: Tier 1 Support helpdesk @ Houston, TX

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    Help Wanted: Tier 1 Support helpdesk @ Houston, TX

    Looking for someone who is smart (ability to learn new things), and is a hard worker. This position is basically a desk job with mostly Remote Desktop support (8000+ users) with some phone support as well. You will also be on-site desktop support for a 400+ user office space. You will be learning a lot of different systems we use, but nothing to in depth, kind of like a jack of all trades (AKA Tier 1).

    Hours would be like 10am-7pm there could be a +1 pr -1 adjustment to that
    Days would be either Sunday to Thursday w/ Friday and Saturday being your off day or something similar, but basically 5 days working, 2 days off (consecutive)

    This is an entry level position, must at least be familiar with PC hardware, and a Windows environment. Basically if I show you a hard drive, you can say, yea that is a hard drive. For Windows, just being able to know where the control panel is, how to get to a run command etc.

    PM if you are interested, this position is specifically in the NW Houston area, off of 290

    Edit: You will be working for me, just FYI
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dis View Post

    Edit: You will be working for me, just FYI
    I was ready to pack my stuff up and cross state lines until this.

    j/k gl with your search!

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