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Thread: Can Google+ Photos replace syncing with Dropbox?

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    Can Google+ Photos replace syncing with Dropbox?

    Never mind, I found the answer on Google+! Looks like it tags newly uploaded pictures as private by default, so this should work just fine.


    I currently have all my pictures on Dropbox, but there's really no need to have them synced between my laptop/computer at all times. In fact, there's really no need for me to have local access to them at all. While storage space is cheap, I run 2 VMs on my laptop and wouldn't mind freeing up a couple gigs. Plus, space on Dropbox is not unlimited...

    Some googling suggests that Picasa is being rolled in with Google+ Photos. The neat feature here seems to be unlimited storage as long as I keep it to fewer than 2k x 2k pixels. I take pictures with my (Android) cell phone, so that works just fine for me. I have no intention to print them anyway.

    However, one of the nice things of the Dropbox app is that it uploads pictures as soon as I take them. Once uploaded, they're obviously stored privately. Can I do the same thing with Google+ Photos?

    It seems sharing pictures on Google+ is going to be a lot easier for the ones I do want to share, but I'd really want a default setting for newly uploaded pictures to be private until I add them to some public album.
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    I've used both Dropbox and Google Drive quite a bit, and I still prefer Dropbox, mainly because it's easier to share a dropbox amongst multiple people/phones if you have a family that you want to have all pictures located in 1 spot.

    For instance, I have my S4 phone, my wife's S3 phone, and my moms S2 phone all set up to auto-upload pictures to the same dropbox account. You can't really do that with google Drive, because it just defaults to the main google account that is associated with the phone you are using. So if my wife and my mom wanted to upload to my google drive, they'd have to completely log out of their google accounts and lose access to their gmail, google music, chrome bookmarks, etc, they would have all of mine.

    There's just SO much tied into your google acount anymore, that it's just not that simple to hook into someone else's google account, there's a LOT that comes with it beyond just google drive. That's why I like having a separate app like Dropbox that I can have people log into & share it with them, and they don't have access to ALL my google stuff.

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