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Thread: Depression.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moonarchia View Post
    Izo, what I said before wasn't a random platitude. It's the fundamental truth of human existence. We live, we want things, and because we want things we suffer. Understanding that is where you can start to change it. To tie it back to meditation, when you meditate properly you start to understand what drives you, why you want X Y or Z, etc. Once you have that you can choose to keep wanting them and find better paths to get there or you can choose to stop wanting them. How much and what kind of suffering can you endure? It's just basic math beyond that.
    I disagree. It is platitudes. Religious platitudes. Masked as eastern philosophy. You're not exactly the first Buddhist to claim meditation can cure depression. You're fractally wrong in assuming Dharma, the teachings of Buddha, when it concerns the aethiology of depression is anything but religious nonsense. Throwing around words like 'fundamental truth' and 'properly understand', as well as the non-sequitur nature of this reasoning are a tell tale signs. Tell you what: understanding of the human brain, anatomy, physiology, biochemistry does not come from meditation. Nor does imaging techniques, CT, MRI. Your, Buddha's, explanation model for depression which demonstrably has a mutifactorial aethiology, is hogwash, a meaningless simplification. Meditation can be a fine symptomatic treatment, a coping strategy, en pas with cognitive therapy and, imho, best left to secular psychologists. Meditaion it's by no means the universal cure you religious nuts would attribute it. Now that would be simple math to someone with medical knowledge.

    Care to spin the Chopra wheel of platitudes again?
    Quote Originally Posted by Soygen View Post
    I was edging way before Windows 10.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gavinmad View Post
    Yes I got a lawyer. The judge is the one who basically said I wasn't disabled enough in the denial I was mailed. After months and months of waiting to hear about the appeal I finally started calling and harassing the lawyer. Shortly after that I get informed that my appeal was denied without a hearing, and then the law office dumped me.
    WTF - never heard of anything like that even being a possibility.

    I'd try another lawyer still before completely giving up. Honestly it's something thats truly only a few hours in the longrun for you with potentially life changing payout. If you get the same thing with lawyer 2 and 3 I'd probably give up at that point, but I'm boggled by the results of your first.

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