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I started having seizures a few years ago when i was 28. my first known seizure was after i brought home a girl i had met at the bar. next morning she woke me up frantic saying i was having a seizure. After that one, i immediately started having them every couple weeks on average. with some 2-3month breaks thrown in. At first it seemed that drinking(being hungover) was causing the seizures, so i immediately quit drinking. this does not seem to have helped at all. not only am i still having seizures but i had been a functioning alcoholic for most of my life. now my coping mechanism and my social crutch has been taken from me at what feels like the worst possible time.

I have seen a couple neurologists and both were just glorified drug reps. one told me i should use google to answer my questions. the other did nothing but tell me about his other patients my age who take multiple medications and still have seizures. when i told both that i quit drinking, neither cared. one said "sure, if that's what you think"

The medications have made me feel awful. i have tried 5 different drugs and none have stopped me from seizing. Nearly all of my seizures have been in the morning/shortly after waking up. and after having a seizure i am usually unconscious for 5-6hours. because of this i missed work without calling out multiple times and was fired. I just got denied unemployment and disability. while seizing i have snapped my shoulder blade in half, chipped a tooth, and other small injury. I feel like i have been really lucky not to hurt myself too badly yet. but with how often its happening i feel like its only a matter of time.

I dont know what to do.. I feel like i am constantly having an "aura"(i hate that they use this word to describe this experience). I am scared to leave the house for fear of seizing in the street, And i am going to be evicted pretty soon.
It's a longshot but if you live in a medical marijuana state you can try some of the high CBD content weed that's gotten a lot of press recently in successfully treating kids with severe epilepsy.