I've just recently started getting in to the Privateer Press stuff after years of dabbling in Warhammer and 40k and this looks like pretty good table top to video game translation, granted we don't got a ton of info till the Kickerstarter begins tomorrow. Most of the GW game stuff has just been RTS games with Warhammer/40k skins, this seems more akin to the table top Warmachine. Little worn out on Kickstarters but I guess it's the vogue thing to do, and for why it's not mobile either I'll never know!

Warmachine: Tactics

Privateer Press Announces July 10 Start Date for "WARMACHINE: Tactics" Kickstarter

BELLEVUE, WA, July 2, 2013 – Privateer Press announced that Privateer Press Interactive will launch the highly anticipated WARMACHINE: Tactics Kickstarter campaign on July 10. WARMACHINE: Tactics will be a turn-based, squad-level strategy game for PC and Mac developed in cooperation with WhiteMoon Dreams. Privateer Press Interactive will publish the game.

WARMACHINE: Tactics will include a single-player campaign and feature synchronous and asynchronous online multi-player play. The game will launch with two playable factions—Cygnar and Khador. A stretch goal for the Kickstarter campaign, if met, would add Cryx and the Protectorate of Menoth to the game’s launch. WARMACHINE: Tactics will also be expanded with downloadable content.

Privateer Press Interactive was formed in 2013 by Matt Wilson, who is also founder and chief creative officer of Privateer Press, with the mission of bringing the acclaimed gaming worlds of Privateer Press to life in the digital medium.

Privateer Press Interactive’s partner in the project, WhiteMoon Dreams, boasts a veteran team of game developers who have worked on blockbuster titles including the Fallout series, Descent, Ratchet & Clank, Medal of Honor, Command & Conquer, and many others.

“With the July 10 start date set, we’re anxiously counting down the hours and days until the WARMACHINE: Tactics Kickstarter campaign launches,” said Wilson, “but we’ll be dropping more info about the game as the Kickstarter approaches through the Privateer Press website and our social media channels.”

For more information about the WARMACHINE: Tactics Kickstarter campaign, including a teaser video for WARMACHINE: Tactics created by WhiteMoon Dreams, visit http://privateerpress.com/warmachine-tactics.