Hosted by The Rock

America votes for the Hero in the end.
9 Contestants, Rock presents the group with a challenge (it's like a riddle, i.e. can you sink or swim? blah blah) 6 go, 3 stay behind, only the 6 that go can participate in the "hero" challenge.

The 6 Do a team challenge, if they complete it, of those 6, only 3 can go on to the next stage (and only of these 3 can 1 participate in the "Hero" challenge).

The 3 chosen do another team challenge, if they win it makes the "hero" challenge easier, if not, the "hero" challenge is hard.

The rest of the 6 vote on the chosen 3 and one goes to the "hero" challenge.

The "hero" challenge, starts off with a pot of $250,000k, the challenger if he/she wins can keep $50k or dump it back into the big pot for the chance to win it all at the end, it's hero's choice.

The 3 not chosen to go initially has to compete next week.

Those are the "initial" rules of the game, then there's tons of stuff thrown in.

The first episode was ok, towards the middle of the first episode it was interesting. By the second episode the wife and i were hooked, episode 5 is airing next,next week, it's a great a competition series.

Wife and I are reality tv junkies, i guess we've watched a lot of reality tv over 15 years, this series is one of the most involved series and really puts a strain on the contestants.

Also some of the challenges seem Sasuke (ninja warrior) hard, it's not like a dorky "hold on for as long as you can" challenge, it's a "holy crap i respect that guy/girl"

The Rock is there and he brings his own flair and charisma, at first i thought he was a gimmick for the show, but when you see him talking to, and pushing the challengers you really go "wow he's one of the best tv show hosts" (many reality tv show hosts are blah, some have charm, many are blah).

If you like competition reality tv, check this out, for reference, my current picks of good reality competition shows this year (2013) whodunnit, top shot, masterchef... if you like these shows, check out the hero. (it gets better as time goes on)