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Thread: Legends of Dawn

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    Legends of Dawn

    Saw this game on steam,

    It seems to be on sale currently and was recently released.

    Anyone mess with the game yet?

    It kind of looks like a low budget diablo style game.

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    It's a gigantic mess.

    It's certainly not a Diablo-clone. Combat is way too slow paced for that. I think it fancies itself an open-world RPG, and maybe it is if you have the patience for it, but mostly it's just bad. Your camera is locked at an unfortunate 45 degree angle looking down on your character, so you have an incredibly limited view of what's going on around you. Even with the restricted view and the laughable by modern standards graphics, grass was popping in on my screen when it was about ten feet from me.

    There's really not much indication of what you're meant to be doing. You start with a letter from your father, but it doesn't drop a quest into your journal or anything of the sort. Maybe there's some indication of what to do if you hang around in town, but I wandered off into the wilderness and punched a spider a bunch of times instead. You don't start with any abilities, so combat is just clicking repeatedly on the mob watching its hp drop and hoping its red bar beats yours to 0. After that, I pretty much looked through the various menus available to me, and then shrugged, quit out and went on with my day.

    If the menus are any indication, there's stuff to do in the game, but it seems determined not to lead you to it. I could only recommend this to someone with money to burn, a deep and abiding love of open world games that don't force you along a particular (or any!) path, a disinterest in any sort of modern graphical or user interface convenience, and a strong masochistic streak.

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