I am the co-director of a research lab that studies the positive effects of playing video games. We are starting a study where we are using SC2 to improve cognitive functioning. I am looking to hire a part-time person to help us create a number of different custom maps. This is a paid position and can be done remotely.

More specifically I need arcade maps that are designed to require the use of specific cognitive abilities. So for example, a game might have units attack turrets around the map and you have to remember in what order the turrets were attacked and send units to help defend those turrets, which would be a simple task assessing memory.

The person we hire does not need to have a background in cognitive psychology (we will help with that) but they need to be a wiz at the map editor and know how to make a map/game fun.

If you are interested please post below or email me [email protected].

Thanks, Jason