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Thread: ISP Options

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    ISP Options

    Looking at changing providers and wanted to gauge the community on their experiences.

    We have
    ATT - aDSL
    Mediacom - Cable
    Comcast - Cable

    available in my area. Currently using ATT @ 6mb/s and are fine minus a dying modem. Seems like a reasonable time to upgrade, but not sure if it's worthwhile with cable data allowances and the amount of streaming/gaming going on.


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    Upgrade your modem to a docsis 3 and get a 50 mbs plan from a cable provider. Make sure the modem is supported by the ISP before you buy it. Make sure you are getting a docsis 3 modem, if you buy a plan better than 15mbs otherwise you will be paying for speeds that you will not be getting. You will probably get a better rate through mediacom since they sound like a mid ranged isp. You will also be hard pressed to go over their data plan from looking at their webpage it is 1 TB per month.
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