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Thread: Top Gear Uk

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maester Chuk View Post
    i was assuming salary was included in the budget.
    15 mil for jeremy
    12 for may
    12 for hammond
    so 30 million dollars right there. figure about 2 million dollars per episode in production costs and there's your budget.
    Typically when a studio announces a budget, it includes all pricing for a job. All movies do the same thing. You have to include the stars pay in their total budget.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimmlokk View Post
    I have to assume they will make every episode like one of the big budget challenge episodes.

    Or maybe they just have to flat out buy some of the cars now?

    Whatever, fuck you guys we're getting more Top Gear!!!
    For hardcore fans - watch the show as it airs on Amazon.

    For the fans - watch the show 1 season behind on blu-ray / wherever Amazon sells it off to.

    For the rest - torrents

    Highly doubt that Amazon will only allow streaming from their site for more than 6 months to a year before they start selling it off to TV networks similar to the old show. With a budget like this, they can also do several spectacular 2hour specials a year that each can be sold separately.

    Considering Top Gear still gets high views from several year old re-runs, I think Amazon will make money in the long run for this.

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