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Thread: Top Gear Uk

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    Quote Originally Posted by spronk View Post
    prob belongs in the games forum, but i figure more car nuts here. so i'm having fun in forza 5 but having a problem with some cars. doing the 80s supercars classic tourney right now and have the lambo Countach LP5000 as my car. For every car up till now I'm kinda used to braking when going into a corner and my car will start drifting if I steer the other way, helping me speed through a corner.

    The countach though is weird, when I brake I can't turn at all. I end up just going slower in a straight line, and until I release the brake the car won't turn at all. Why is this? I assume its some sort of better brake system on lambos, but its the first car so far I've had such a big difference.

    The corvette was even worse in the opposite way, I felt like I was driving on ice - every time I slightly moved left or right my car would get out of control and just start sliding all over the place. Its cool each car has its own personality, but man it is getting frustrating as a shitty driver
    First thing to remember from Top Gear, most lambo's are out to actively kill you because they were built by mad italians. They are also 4wd and had abs early on so it's likely a combination of those factors that is tripping you up. I don't recall anything in particular about them being hard to drive but mainly I always brake before turning since that's the optimal time.....should always brake down to the point you can hit the apex while coasting and then accelerate out and try to never be braking while turning

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    Quote Originally Posted by stupidmonkey View Post
    Wouldn't be Tony's first time.
    I'm not a doctor in RL, but I do play one in DayZ.

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