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Thread: indoor skydiving

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    indoor skydiving

    i think the official term is wind tunnel flying. there's one in Austin now that i've been to a few times

    I've jumped out of a plane 12 times, so I can give some noobish comparisons

    1st, wind tunnel isn't jumping out of a plane. seeing the ground from 14k feet has no equal

    2nd, wind tunnel isn't jumping out of a plane. i don't think it's possible to die, and at most you might bust your nose on the walls.

    3rd, it's a lot cheaper. a normal sky dive when learning to jump is $150 - $250. a normal sky dive gets you about 60 seconds of free fall. 60 seconds in a wind tunnel is about 60 bucks. wind tunnel and sky diving both get much cheaper as you get more skilled, but there's far less equipment to buy for wind tunnel.

    free falling from a plane or flying in a wind tunnel are pretty similar. someone w/ more expereince may notice a difference, but I really didn't. w/ wind tunnel, you're more aware of how fast you're "falling", ie, moving up and down in the tunnel. for me, i never got to that level w/ sky diving.

    i did a few back flips and front flips in sky diving, not there yet w/ wind tunnels but looking forward to it.

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    I'll do some Tunnel with ya sometime. Tunnel costs some change though!

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