so they started off the season with their very first myth revisited, again. the JATO rocket car myth and they fucked it up, again. so they get the right rockets, the right balance on the car, they have the RC down just fine. then they construct their ramp out of the flimsiest looking fiberboard. so when the rockets get activated everything starts out fine, the car gets a boost of 5500 HP and fucking shoots like a missile into the ramp partially destroying the bottom and consequently the car goes up the ramp all fucked up and it twirls in the air like shit and lands into a burning wreckage maybe 50 feet away. and then these guys start congratulating themselves on doing such a great job and that its proven now that a JATO car can never have existed. it was so frustrating watching that episode. but it did have a silver lining. a preview of the upcoming season. some good stuff planned. even aaron paul from breaking bad is making a cameo.