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Thread: CraftStudio (cooperative game making platform)

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    CraftStudio (cooperative game making platform)

    It's a heavily minecraft inspired game creator designed to be able to have multiple people working on a project at once, for example someone could be painting an object while you're building said object at the same time. And it's pretty easy to get started. It's LUA scripting based but there is visual scripting, rather simple stuff to get started after watching a few tutorials/messing around with things. It's only 25$ or so, well worth the price if you and a friend are interested in getting something set up. There is a free version out as well but you can only do so much with it (playing your map is not an option on free but you can however start building one)

    It's pretty fucking awesome tbh. Very noob-friendly as well! Creating assets right in the tool along with texturing them and animating is a huge time-saver as well - not that creating much with blocks would take long but it's just super convenient. A very very neat thing is if other peoples projects are open you can spectate them make the game or you can even go through the community page (in the program) and view peoples models/maps/etc and make changes if they allow or just check out their work!

    It recently just went into Open Beta and I have to say I've been enjoying my time for the last week on it, I am most definitely buying a premium account tomorrow. No clue what to make but hey I'll figure that out soon enough!

    Some current features include:
    • Live cooperation while buildidng your game
    • Built-in modeling program
    • Visual Scripting
    • Built-in physics engine
    • HTML support (web player export options)

    [[[the web support is still being worked on currently and doesn't support physics or sound]]]

    & you can play some short games made with said program here:
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    looks pretty interesting. i don't wanna learn new shit, but it could be hot.

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