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Thread: Record Store Day 2013

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    Record Store Day 2013

    Anyone hit up their local record store? This year was a bit of a bust for me. The only two things on my A list were the Ready To Die reissue and the At The Drive-In reissue and I didn't find either. The buy-it-now prices on ebay are stupid for both currently, but if the price drops some in the next few days I'll pick em up. I didn't manage to get anything from my B list either (South Park San Diego 7 inch and some others).

    I did pick up The Zombies and a Buddy Guy record. I wasn't going to leave empty handed. You know.

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    I wasn't able to make it out this year. But I agree the level of flipping is pretty disgusting.

    Not that I'm interested, but I'm pretty sure the *only* people who bought the Dave Matthews Band box set were flippers. Ebay is chock full of them. My only consolation is that some of these tank pretty hard. No ones interested in them, and you can end up getting them a little cheaper than their MSRP after a month or two. At least that's what happened with the Flaming Lips box set a few years back.

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