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Thread: Sacred Citadel

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    Sacred Citadel

    Think you guys will really like this one. Especially if you were a fan of the old Golden Axe games.
    It's a pretty fun game.

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    Beat it on single player. Pretty fun. Multiplayer was not working correctly when my friend and I tried it, though apparently they have patched it since then.

    The combat near the end does get a little bland, at least on the warrior class. Then again it is similar to Golden Axe which isn't known for its wide range of abilities.

    The combo system is nice, wish they would have expanded on it a bit more.
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    A friend and I spent hours playing this Saturday as a local game. Biggest downside we found was that it's a three player max game, not four. There are four characters, why cant four people play at once? Glad our other gamer friends decided not to come over too cause one woulda been screwed.

    Toward the end of the game the enemies were just taking so much work to kill it got a bit monotonous but overall it was a really fun game. Worth 15 bucks if you have some people you can drag over to play.

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