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Thread: Old Show: Justice (2006)

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    Old Show: Justice (2006)

    Back in 2006, there was a pretty cool show about a team of lawyers taking on high-profile cases:

    It only survived for one season (13 episodes). Best as I can tell, they never released the show on DVD. I can't find it on Amazon Prime, nor on torrents or newsgroups.

    Does anyone by chance know how to watch this show again? Is it on a streaming service I may have missed?

    As far as lawyer-shows go, I really thought this was an awesome take. Alas, it doesn't look like there's a way to watch it anymore.

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    Strangely it doesn't seem like anyone ever made a single torrent with all the episodes and I can't find the 13th episode with a quick search. From the comments the seeds come and go, but you should get them down eventually. You can grab the other torrent files from other sites by googling "Justice S01E(episode number)" via It seems like two TV tracking websites were doing encodes for them, so you should be able to track it all down eventually.

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