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    worst place in 'merica


    Going for a couple nights with a friend. What should single, male 20-somethings do?

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    There's a massive 5 level night club right by the Charles Bridge. Find a friendly Nigerian, way overpay for shitty ecstasy, and party until 6 am.

    Also, I took a tour of the Prague Underground around the main square that was fairly neat. There's catacombs or whatever you want to call them under and around the main square the buildings around it. I only partied the one night, so I didn't check out any of the other clubs or strip joints and the like, so I can't really offer much advice. The 5 layer club as we called it was pretty awesome, but maybe that was the MDMA talking.

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    I spent a while there like 6 years ago, here's my best recollection:

    Tourist stuff: Old Town Square, St. Charles Bridge (street performers and the like), Prague Castle, biking trip around the city

    Food: Eat lots of pork knuckle and drink cheap beer. Have some absinthe while you're at it.

    Regular clubbing: I honestly don't even remember where I went as I was drunk most of the time. If you're staying at a hostel or something, almost guaranteed someone staying there will be going out at some point so just follow them and pray it's not Hostel.

    "Strip" clubs: There's a ton of them around Wenceslas Square. The most infamous one (6 years ago at least) is a place called Darlings. Almost every "strip" club in Prague is a front for a brothel - so ignore what Chris Rock says about the champagne room. Can have a fun time without partaking though - the women are (or were) generally ridiculously hot and blow American strippers out of the water.

    Dangers: prague is full of pickpockets and other scammers. Be careful with your stuff, don't ever leave anything valuable out of your sight for even a second.

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