The first part was on last night and it was pretty decent. A very different pace to Walking Dead etc but treats the subject with a lot more respect than that manages.

It's set almost a year after the initial Rising where dead people suddenly started rising from their graves and enacting the typical Zombie behaviour pattern. In this universes depiction of Zombies though being bitten does not transfer whatever causes it. Over time the Government managed to beat back the outbreak and has found a cure for the "surviving" undead to stop them wanting to munch on people and regain their previous memories etc.

The drama is mainly focussed around a single Zombie called Kieran who lived in a small village that was left pretty much to fend for itself. The villagers banded together forming the HVF - Human Volunteer Force who armed themselves and put down the "Rotters" (as seems to be the popular local nickname for Zombies) without outside help. There is still a lot of ill feeling in the local community towards the zombie menace and when rumours start that supposedly cured undead may be returning to the area some of the HVF (being egged on by the local Vicar) decide they will take the law into their own hands.

As for the cast, the main international face would be Kenneth Cranham who was Pompey in Rome and probably more prominent to UK folk would be Ricky Tomlinson.