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Thread: Most users ever online was 584, Yesterday.

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    Most users ever online was 584, Yesterday.

    As a follower of this forum for quite some time now (2005?), i was quite happy to see the title of this thread at the bottom of the page today as the highest yet recorded was the 12/12 of last year, starting day of rerolled forums if I remember correctly.

    I'm very pleased that this community is growing as I may be only a lurker since all that time but I'm working on it, I get so much entertainment from this site I often wonder myself why I waste so much money on other kind of entertainment, the FSR is still doing strongly and the recent events had their fair share of lulz that I don't regret to venture into the "less-viewed" sub-forum, didnt see Keg for some time as I'm sure he got banned for trolling/taunting outside of his usual area but still plenty of stuff to laugh about.

    I don't really know the incidence of FoH on my behalf but recently i'm in a kind of "educate myself" mood and something I like here is the diversity of opinion, some of them are even very well argumented and written,I'm almost ashamed to be more aware of politics in United States than my own country but as my main hobby/passion/work interest is in english globally it's less of an issue.

    I don't have all the tools/knowledge to process or fully understand everything but I'd like to salute those who bother to make educated, argumented and understanble post to push that community upside(?) or forward, as it would be a more appropriate word I guess. I really don't think we have a "dumbed down" community as some people say, for example I really like the fact that there is almost no use of smiley as it is unfortunately overused nowadays IMO, or not a huge incentive to spam a lot of useless shit with title ( yeah there is post count but nobody seems to have made too much of a deal with the reset not long ago). I even start to see the good side of the internets to encourage quality posting now as I was mostly seeing this as a "facebook shit" before.

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    i have posts dated from 12/7. the 12/12 could be the day or day after tyen and req nuked FOH and the new people flooded in.

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    584 bots.

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    Nah man, when you subtract out the mods who probably WERE online...

    76 bots.

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