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Thread: Consulting Data Analyst for Hire--first 5 hours free

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    Consulting Data Analyst for Hire--first 5 hours free

    I'm a Ph.D student in an research field focusing on applied data analysis. Services offered: graphing/descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing, statistical modeling/prediction, complex data transformations on large datasets, and summarizing findings for a lay audience. I'm an expert at R programming--if you need any sort of complex data management, I can write you a script for it that will do it extremely efficiently even on large datasets. These are all tasks I regularly do at work.

    I'm offering the first 5 hours free. This will demonstrate that I'm efficient and serious--If your desired project isn't some large modeling project, chances I'll have the work done in that time. If you have more work after that, we can negotiate a fixed cost for the project. If data confidentiality is an issue, I can work with you to strip your dataset of sensitive information prior to uploading it.

    PM me for further details
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