This is the same guys who did the old Darktide server

The devs run a pretty tight ship with no stupid donation schemes at 300$ for god mode

IP is

Game is open beta right now but you keep what you make on the server

Rules are "if you can do it, its legal" but they can repair some grief if they think it makes the server look like shit


- One of the most lag free servers that is up 24/7
- Plug-ins, both Common and Customized for better play
- No whitelist ( truly! though you can get bonuses for helping bump the thread with relevant posts!)
- PvP enabled and encouraged
- A complete player driven economy with very little server intervention.
- Dungeons, PvP tournaments, and other fun events planned by the staff
- Factions!
- Cannons!
- Buy perks to assist in accomplishing your goals, including own your own protected land.
- No Hacking or Cheating. Either through logs or player provided proof to consider accusation.
- Minimal interference (staff interference), but measured and resolute discipline by professional staff
- Freedom to do as you wish to succeed (minus hacking and plugin perimeters)
- Chat modding leans toward freedom of expression.

My name on mc is fouilleux, old server was the best pvp one ive found so im going to mess around with this one