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Thread: Bargain bin games - not sales

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    Bargain bin games - not sales

    Bargain bin games might be worthy of its own thread. Not sales, but games people might have missed for whatever reason and are now relegated to the bowels of bargain bins everywhere.

    Rage for PC got slagged on release, and probably rightfully so. At only $7.45 at Amazon, it's a pretty good game at a great price. I think it pops up on Steam on sale for $5, but I passed on it due to the 21GB download. A few minor .cfg tweaks gets rid of texture pop-in, and a few other tweaks sharpens textures somewhat and kills the gawdawful post-processing bloom that washes out a lot of areas. Combat and animations are excellent, but megatexture and vehicle anything are complete ass; low-res textures up close distracts a bit, but it's still a good looking game. A worthy buy if you are bored of your current Steam libary and don't want to wait for the next sale and corpulent download.

    Dirt 3 for PC. Grabbed this from Amazon for $11.47. Not a great game like Dirt 2, but still fun and nice to look at. Goes in and out of stock on Amazon, so wishlist it and check every few days or whatever.

    merge with sales if this topic isn't threadworthy.

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    It's different from sales so I think it should have its own thread.

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    It could involve bargain suggestions too. Price ranges of good games for people to look out for. "If you see X game for Y and under, its a deal."

    Like Rage at 7 bucks is okay, but I wouldn't go for more than 5 bucks personally. Its got some decent content, but its so retarded short and you backpedal over some of the same maps.

    Although they've jacked it up lately, probably with Dead Space 3 and BioShock Infinite lingering...Dead Space 1 and 2, plus BioShock 1 and 2...typically drop around the 5 dollar mark on a regular basis for both PC and consoles. The first games in each series are definitely the best, but for 5 bucks the sequels are worth it too.

    Same goes with the Batman: Arkham Asylum/City games, they drop to the $10 and under mark sometimes. Great games.
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