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Thread: Multi-hard disk enclosure

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    Multi-hard disk enclosure

    Can anyone recommend a decent hard drive enclosure that will hold at minimum two drives? I see plenty of these on NewEgg that range anywhere from 80 bucks up to several hundred dollars. The reviews are all over the place since buyers tend to rate stuff 1 star because they're ignorant.

    For my needs, all I need is for the two drives to show up as separate units. I do want to JBOD or RAID them, but they will be used with a Linux box so I can just easily set up a soft-RAID setup with mdadm. From what I gather I will need a port replicator card if I plan to use via eSATA (which I do).

    Any recommendations or advice is appreciated.

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    Just bought one of these a short while ago: It's great. No problems, runs cool and is reasonably quiet. JBOD only, but I did what you suggested you might do -- I was using a software RAID with it, and have since switched to FlexRAID.

    Yes, you'll need a port replicator card unless your onboard SATA/eSATA is capable of doing it natively (mine was, Asus P9X79 WS mobo).

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