Anyone heard of it? I've been playing the shit out of it and only now since the servers down I thought to see about getting some people from here to roll up a character and start fresh, do some grouping and maybe take over :P

Clans bounty system a very...weird crafting system which is...kind of starting to make sense.
Huge universe of aliens and crazy mother fuckers to blow up and loot dry. Plasma cannons to laser beam and rockets.

Sci fi universe you control a spaceship which can be upgraded to bigger, faster and in general better that can store more and more weapons, shields and general good lootness.

Looks like it has some raid content in a sandbox universe. You can check if mobs are up in or out of game!
How cool is that shit!?

Im a noob right now and haven't seen shit of this huge universe but from what i've seen so far, right up my alley!

RL friend told me about it, he used to play it way back in the day and looks pretty sweet, just need more people and it would really come alive.