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    Yeah dusts are a ton cheaper, and it goes pretty fast too, you just spread them it covers like 4x6 blocks or so, then you dig it easily. Dynamite is faster but it costs a lot and if you mess up the placement you have to reuse one and shit, I didn't bother. Dusts are the "normal" way to progress, but you can easily unlock dynamite vendor before you even reach the stats to spawn the eye, and bypass that part entirely(he'll still spawn though I'm pretty sure). There's also a lot of other shortcuts and other optional stuff as I mentionned, like sky islands, pyramids(if spawned), dungeon on normal, ice biome, normal jungle for queen bee+items and so on and lots of stuff you can craft in hardmode that's not necessary but cool like wings(can buy them too but need the proper setup), various spells and such.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brikker View Post
    I'm kind of unsure what to do now. I'm on hardmode, have 3 pieces of Chloro armor, Chloro big sword and fast sword, a Drax, and the main accessories I use are an Obsidian Shield, Cloud in a Balloon, Bee Wings, Lava Waders, and Lightning boots. I know there's a bunch of overlap there but I don't really have anything much better.

    Only hardmode boss I've killed is Destroyer, so I've got some Soul of Might and Hallowed bars, and I've just been mining the hardmode ores I spawned so far (but I don't even think they're an upgrade for anything).
    Upgrade the Obsidian Shield to a: Ankh Shield - Terraria Wiki
    Balloon/boots can be replaced by Wings, you don't need all three, especially if you have higher end wings (you want spooky wings eventually)
    Lava Waders aren't very useful end game.

    Why aren't you wearing a wall of flesh item? You can get these now: Warrior Emblem - Terraria Wiki Avenger Emblem - Terraria Wiki

    And later upgrade it into: Destroyer Emblem - Terraria Wiki

    (You can actually wear all three if you want to stack damage)

    Get those reforged to all to +3 or +4 armor and that should pretty much get you through hardmode dungeon.

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    yeah, I used bombs. They work vs corruption/crimson blocks. also obsidian apparently. didnt know that. And you have a ton from pots very likely. Although they do cost more then purification powder if you are buying. Sticky bombs let you aim them pretty well as well.

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    I'm experimenting with a dedicated pvp always on server at ==not open==

    New, large map. Server-side characters with no progression as of this post.

    Its practically vanilla with Tshock to help moderate things.

    Edit: server not open atm
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