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Thread: Beasts of the Southern Wild

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    Beasts of the Southern Wild

    Lots of Oscar buzz and the screener has been out a bit.

    It's good, I guess. I imagine it'll be completely forgettable in a few years

    Ultimately the film falls short of conveying it's message, but it's ever present the entire time. I found the characters, outside of the little girl, to be unsympathetic and (obviously) completely self destructive. For some reason the director thought that these characters would come off as heroic instead, not for me

    The little girl is wonderful though but I feel comfortable saying that nobody is missing anything by not having seen this. The film ultimately tries way too hard.


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    There are some beautiful moments and, despite being the adaptation of a play, it has this raw energy, this narrative freedom, a bit reminiscent of these movies where the story is improvised or written by children. It suffers from the same problem though: it's ultimately unsatisfying as a fiction as it is just too haphazard.

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