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Thread: Laptop bag/briefcase

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    Laptop bag/briefcase

    My old laptop bag is finally almost completely fallen apart (the last of 5 zipper tabs just broke on my last flight, messenger strap is long gone, big tear in the case itself). Here are a general list of features:

    1. A few places to store a book or two, miscellaneous papers, pens, usb flash drives, etc
    2. Laptop should sit in a reinforced area so that the bag can never lie completely flat
    3. Prefer leather or mostly leather

    Any suggestions on a new one?

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    I just bought this.
    Sounds like exactly what you need and its at a fantastic price(70 dollars off).
    It was a no brainer really at that price after reading about high end laptop bags.

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    If cost is no big deal Tumi is obviously awesome and you can probably get it for around $350 at an outlet. Their products tend to have good build quality.

    If cost is an issue this is the laptop bag that I use the most is the Timbuk2 Command because it's TSA friendly. I have no complaints about it other than that I wouldn't mind if it was a bit larger.

    I have two leather ones that I picked up as well. One is from Kenneth Cole and I have no complaints about it other than once again it could stand to be a bit larger. However, I'm always on the road so my needs aren't most peoples as my laptop bag doubles as my second carry-on to shove stuff in. The other is from Wilson's Leather and I had to have it exchanged once and parts replaced another time so I can't recommend their stuff.

    I know you said leather but if you don't care about being dressy Chrome bags are awesome.

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